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Add to any of your favorite IV drips for $29/ea or $19/ea with the purchase of 2 or more.

B-12 (Methylcobalamin)

Boosts energy, regulates mood, helps with oxygen re-uptake


Master antioxidant, fights damage from stress, helps slow signs of aging


Supports health of skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells


Fat burning amino acid, supports muscle recover/athletic performance 


Supports eye health, enhances athletic performance and mental focus

D3 (Calcitriol)

Supports bone health, regulates immune response, and hormone balance


Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, helps relieve aches, headaches, and migraines 


Quick acting relief for nausea and vomiting

Vitamin C

Immune booster, collagen production, wound healing, and iron absorption


Supports skin, nail, and hair health, and involved with metabolism and adrenal function


Assists in digestive health, muscle recovery, and curb sugar cravings  


Helps with calcium, absorption, promotes bone growth and collagen support 

Intramuscular Injections

Weight loss $33 ea or $110/month

Lipo-mino: Fat burner + Endurance

“The Shot” $65
  • Glutathione
  • B-12 
B-12 $30

Energy + Mood 

Vit D $30

Bone Support

Zofran $30

Nausea Relief

Toradol $30

Headache + Pain

Glutathione $42

Antioxidant + Anti-aging

CO-Q10 $42

Cardiovascular Health + Energy Production

Vit C  (IM 1g) $55

Cardiovascular Health + Energy Production

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